Asbestos Services Include:



Lead Consulting

Mold Consulting



Asbestos Surveys and Testing


Regulations require building owners test suspect materials for asbestos prior to renovation, construction, or demolition activities. Paradigm Group’s certified asbestos professionals help building owners meet these regulatory requirements by performing comprehensive asbestos testing in accordance with AHERA, OSHA, and EPA protocols. Comprehensive asbestos testing reports include detailed location maps of materials, sample location maps, and list approximate quantities of asbestos containing materials. The result is an easy to read report that clearly identifies a facility’s asbestos hazards.


Plan and Specification Development


Comprehensive asbestos abatement plans and specifications can effectively address three main concerns of abatement projects: Competitive removal prices, regulatory compliance, and reduction of change orders. Paradigm provides every aspect of the process from asbestos project design and bidding through project management and asbestos final air clearance testing. Paradigm will develop detailed asbestos specifications providing contractors with a defined scope of work resulting in highly competitive bids and prevention of change orders.


Asbestos Abatement Project Management


Paradigm’s asbestos project management services reduce our client’s liability exposure and ensure removal projects are completed under full regulatory compliance. Project management services include:



Paradigm’s asbestos project manager ensures the project’s scope of work has been completed, all residual debris has been cleaned up, and the area is safe for re-occupancy.


Management Plan Development and AHERA 3-year Re-Inspections


An asbestos management plan is an effective tool in managing liability associated with asbestos hazards in buildings. A management plan communicates locations of asbestos to appropriate parties and outlines procedures for working with and around asbestos. Paradigm’s asbestos management manual includes:



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