Mold Services Include:

 Mold project management


Mold Inspection & Moisture Testing

Paradigm’s trained staff has the experience required to perform thorough building inspections to identify location and type of mold growth in a building. Mold spores are present in every environment and require only three things to support growth: moisture, food source (i.e. building materials, dirt…etc), and proper temperature. Controlling moisture is the key to preventing mold. Paradigm utilizes moisture probes during an inspection to identify moisture content of building materials and determine the source of the water intrusion.

Abatement Design and Management

Paradigm provides every aspect of the process from project design and bidding through project management and post-remediation air testing. Paradigm will develop detailed specifications and provide a defined scope of work resulting in highly competitive bids and a well defined set of work practices that will ensure the area is restored to its original condition.

Asbestos Consulting

Lead Consulting

Lead Asbestos